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We have immense expertise in serving the residential, commercial and industrial clients. We are backed by the team of certified electricians so we are known to deliver the prominent results without any compromise with quality. We are empowered by the experienced electricians who are well-trained to deliver the desired results. We work by diagnosing the actual reason of the problem so that we can fix this from the roots

Installations: Electrical installations and complex electrical wiring are dangerous activities, and are best left to trained experts, Wiser Trading Electricians are experienced specialists in electrical installations and complex electric wiring, with 20 years of experience.

Lighting: Wiser Trading Electric offers a range of lighting solutions to enhance you home or business inside and out. Wireless lighting installations give you added control and improve security, both at home and at your business’s premises. From landscape lighting to specialist indoor lighting we do it all.

Electrical: safety: Safety should always be the #1 priority when electricity is involved. We take a very serious, professional approach to electrical safety, which is why we offer a range of safety products and services.


Hot or cold is a team electricians that serve the homeowners who have domestic electrical issues or any sort of electrical faults. We pay attention to serving each & every customer’s requirement by finding the roots of the electric disruptions so that they can ensure the highest level of satisfaction.<


Are you worried for the constant disturbance in your work progress due to an electrical problem? Any electrical issue at your workplace, stores, cafeteria or any office space can get fixed in a short time frame. Our team emphasis on establishing the relationships so that we can perform our duties respectfully.


We provide quality, value, and flexibility with a positive attitude to serve the industrial clients where electrical disturbance can’t be afforded . Get fixed the faults in minutes whether there is a fault in your huge factory or construction site.

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